How to Buy a Used Pickup

Here, offers some info on how to buy a used pickup. Most of their tips are common sense things, like checking the vehicle’s maintenance record (if possible), checking the age of the truck, and asking other owners what they like and don’t like about the truck.

How to Buy a Used Pickup

AiM Mobile Inspections

How to buy a used pickup also adds checking the condition of the truck and getting a second opinion. They could easily combine these “tips” into one by recommending a vehicle inspection. Inspectors will come to where the vehicle is and conduct a 150-point inspection, and get results back to the buyer, usually in about 24 hours, with photos. The buyer doesn’t even have to be there for the inspection.

Some inspection companies, like AiM Mobile Inspections, now assign letter grades (think A-B-C-D-F, like a report card), making it easy for a potential buyer to understand what kind of condition that truck (or car) is in.

There are specific differences in assessing a used pickup compared to assessing a passenger car (see our story on that here) – be sure to do your homework!

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