What do used vehicle inspectors look for?

When buying a used vehicle, a professional vehicle inspection is one of the best ways a used car shopper can protect themselves from buying a lemon. A pre-purchase inspection can let a buyer know the true condition of a car they’re thinking of buying.

But what do these inspectors look for when they perform a vehicle inspection?

For the answer, we went to the website of AiM Mobile Inspections to learn more about the process. AiM offers a 150-point inspection with every package they offer (some packages include a vehicle history report, some include a lab analysis of the engine oil and transmission fluid).

Some car shoppers think they can inspect a vehicle themselves, but they may be better served using a trained expert in vehicle inspections. “On a dealer lot, the cars are usually very clean. I inspected an SUV on a dealer lot that looked really good from the outside. But when I popped the hood I saw there were some turned bolts and grind marks, both signs of previous repair. For an inspector with a trained eye, it was easy to see, but someone who doesn’t look at cars on a daily basis probably wouldn’t have noticed it,” said AiM inspecting technician Randy Nelson, who reviews cars in southern California.

Here is a partial list of the things AiM’s inspectors review when performing a vehicle inspection. Click here for the list.

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